The wonderful world of herbs!

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It’s Herbal Medicine Week again and here’s a list of things you could do:

  1. Drink some herb tea
  2. Make a lavender heart
  3. Create a herb Pinterest board
  4. Take a herb course
  5. See a herbalist
  6. Visit a herb garden
  7. Strive for a Natural Health Service
  8. Make some superfood chocolates
  9. Go on a herb walk
  10. Plant some herb seeds

What would be in your Top 10?
lavender heart wreath

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microbiota.jpgIt is said that our human cells are outnumbered ten times by our microbiome – the microorganisms which live symbiotically upon and within us! And there is growing evidence of the importance of our relationship with our gut microbes and how an imbalance of these impacts on our health, from heart disease to IBD to allergies to obesity to acne to autoimmune disease. Here is a very interesting Food Programme which explores our amazing internal ecosystem: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07ff0hl

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rae apteekTallinn is a city of nature, magic and beauty. Its amazing architecture and strange language are captivating and reason enough to fall in love with it but it also has a very old, but still functioning, Town Pharmacy in the main square – the Raeapteek – the oldest pharmacy in Europe, dating back at least to 1422. It is well worth a visit and even has a tiny museum in the room next door with all sorts of medicinal curiosities!  rae #3


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I love all the seasons of our English year, but there’s something about Spring that is so life-enhancing and hopeful – everything is literally springing to life: lambs, new leaves and flowers, buds on the trees, the bees finally out gathering pollen and nectar, it’s a busy time in nature and so nice to get out on the herb walks and be able to harvest the dandelions and nettle and cleavers for an internal spring-clean smoothie! Santé!

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joie 2016Did you know that 2016 has been variously designated the “Year of Change” and the “Year of Adventure” (as well, of course, as the “Year of the Monkey”).  And did you know that if you invert 2016, it reads “JOY” in French?

If you’re in need of change and adventure and joy (and even monkeyness), why not come along to one of my courses at Tonbridge Adult Education?  What better way to start the year than by learning to Improve your Mood with Herbs?  To find out more and register, visit here:  Happy Herbs 🙂