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MidoriMan Health Through Herbs!

What is Herbal Medicine?
Herbal medicine is the very ancient practice of using plants as medicine; it’s a tradition of healthcare dating back millennia which aims to consider each person as an individual and treat accordingly.

How can herbal medicine help?
By gently strengthening and nudging the body back to homeostasis, herbal medicine can help with a wide range of ailments from skin conditions, joint and muscle aches to hormonal problems. Herbal medicine can be beneficial for long-term conditions as well as supporting you through acute infections and seasonal complaints.

If you would like to find out more, please do contact me.

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Please note that all the pictures which appear here have been taken by me© of plants in my garden, or on my various herb walks, or just of curious things that catch my attention, unless otherwise stated and ©.

REMEMBER:  The comments in these posts are purely for information, and occasionally for entertainment. Herbs should always be treated with respect and care and you should consult a qualified herbal practitioner if you intend to use medicinal herbs.


  1. Thank you for stopping by at my blog and liking my post. I really like this blog and I am glad that i visited.

  2. Lovely site 🙂 Great pics, informative, interesting, thank you for sharing this x

    • You’re very welcome and thank you very much for your lovely encouraging comments! I look forward to sharing – maybe some essential oils very soon? 🙂

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